Nurturing student leadership skills

Kristin B. Naituli, Gitile J. Naituli, Francis N. Wegulo




This project is reporting on an initiative designed to assess and enhance the leadership practices of 168 students in the Faculty of Agriculture, Egerton University. The students were randomly sampled to represent female and male as well as junior and senior students. The Student Leadership Practices Inventory - SLPI (Kouzes & Posner, 2006) was used to assess how frequently the sampled students engaged in 5 specific practices of exemplary student leadership. Comparisons were made on leadership practices adopted by male and female students on one hand, and junior and senior students on the other. It was observed that female students scored higher on leadership practices than their male counterparts. Moreover, fourth year students scored higher than third year students, and third year students higher than their second year colleagues. This suggests that there is a leadership development/progression ladder  closely related to academic levels. Furthermore it was concluded that leadership development training has great potential in providing students with opportunities for self-reflection and actualization, which leads to increased self-awareness and promotes development of a personal leadership identity.

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