Technology and business incubation a proven model to promote technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Rwanda

Rajeev Aggarwal, Baig Mohammed Siddiqaliali, Pawan Kumar


In this exploratory study, we analyze the potential of Technology and Business Incubation as a potential for promoting technology entrepreneurship and innovation in Rwanda. With our research, we aim to significantly advance the empirical analysis of Technology Business Incubation as a tool for creating sustainable businesses in Rwanda. This paper is in the context of how Universities in Africa can use business incubation as a tool to support MSMEs in order to promote Entrepreneurship in Africa with a focus on young entrepreneurs. This paper is based on the case study from Rwanda. Our analysis focus on examining how university graduates succeeded to become successful Entrepreneurs with the support they received from Technology and Business Incubation Facility (TBIF). Based on our research findings Business Incubation bring several benefits for the whole community and can reduce poverty. We see that promoting Technology entrepreneurship models among young University Graduates are more suitable for investment requiring little capital or in efforts of mobilizing resources. Nevertheless, the implementation of Business Incubation can challenge, especially concerning engaging the local community and creating a sense of ownership.

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