The challenge of value addition in the seafood value chain along the Kenyan north coast

Fred Mugambi Mwirigi, Fridah Simba Theuri


The general objective of this study was to identify the challenges faced in the process of adding value in the sea food supply chain along the Kenyan coast, with particular interest on fish, and propose sustainable solutions to these challenges. This study looks closely at the key value chain activities that characterize the sea food industry along the Kenyan coastline with the view of establishing their completeness and efficiency. It further identifies the gaps that exist in the chain and recommends measures that can be implemented to improve the chains. To achieve this objective the researchers identified the value chain activities that characterize the seafood industry in Kenya with specific reference to the Kenyan coastline and analyzed the gaps and challenges that exist in the value chain. The study has gone further to develop recommendations on policy and non-policy mitigation options to the value chain gaps and challenges that have been identified. Information gathered and the recommendations thereof will help to create a more complete and efficient chain and, therefore, optimize the economic as well as social benefits of the seafood industry to the country.

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