Examining the marketing of e-Government services in Egypt

Laila El Baradei, Hammed M Shamma, Noha Saada


The government of Egypt invested heavily in building an e-government platform for its citizens. However, we believe that those investments were not associated with adequate marketing efforts that are required to change the behavior of the Egyptian people. Accordingly, this study was performed to examine the effectiveness of marketing e-government services in Egypt. The views of students at both private and public universities in Egypt were examined. A survey instrument was administered that questioned respondents in both types of institutions about their awareness, usage, satisfaction, trust, hindrances, incentives and opinions about the marketing of e-government services. Preliminary findings point out to there being a significant number of similarities as well as differences between both university groups regarding their needs and expectations about e-government services. Internet adoption and awareness about e-government services did not affect the people’s use of e-government services. Several important insights and lessons can are derived from this study that offer some guidance and implications that can be useful to guide the government of Egypt to better market its e-government services.

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