Community-Level Entrepreneurial Activities Case Study from Rural Kenya

Paula Linna.


Little is known about entrepreneurship in emerging countries, especially among the low-income people. Yet it is widely recognized that entrepreneurship has important role enhancing the economic growth and reducing poverty. In this paper we are interested in community-level entrepreneurial activities which might be in some occasion better option to practice entrepreneurship in poor, resource-scared environment. The paper is based on two case studies from rural Kenya. Our analysis focus on examining what kind community-level entrepreneurial activities have been created and especially on: i) how is the development process and ii) how to involve local people.

Based on our preliminary findings community-level entrepreneurial activities bring several benefits for the whole community and can reduce poverty. We see that community-level entrepreneurship models are especially suitable for investment requiring high capital or in efforts of mobilizing resources. Nevertheless, the implementation can challenge, especially concerning engaging the local community and creating a sense of ownership.

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